Show Grey

Show Grey is a independent, songwriter, guitarist and performer who deals with all styles of music in every form. He also helps artists develop their skill with hope of a promising and successful career in music.

Growing up in Los Angeles, particularly the San Fernando Valley, he grew up with a assorted variety of music; 50-70s rock n roll and mainstream radio hits of the early 90s. His first major influences were Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Chuck Berry, to name a few.

He began playing and teaching himself guitar at the age of 9. Throughout the years, he developed a deep appreciation for rhythmic and melodic tones that compliment an aggressive, wild attitude.

As he matured, he was introduced to rap, hip hop, hard rock, country, blues, r&b, metal, classical, electronic etc. Raised to be diverse, his ears and mind are always open to new music and ideas of all styles so that he can utilize the maximum amount of truth and/or imagination for production.

He enjoys working with people who he can develop strong and long lasting relationships with, like that of a bond from a family.

Among working with Salty Beats for years, Mr. Grey has worked with Universal Music Group, Skee Tv, Build Destroy Music, Command Studios, Sound Mountain Studios, Independent Labels and Unsigned Artists.

Show is a talented individual with fire in his heart with whom people find working with very unique, well rounded, driven, vital and most importantly, professional.

“However you’d like to express yourself should be welcomed and not judged. All I ask is that you Show Me…Don’t Tell Me”. – Show Grey



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