Jason Salter

Jason Richard Salter or Jase was born in March of 1973 in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles) to a single mother and father that left as soon as he was born. They grew up in poverty stricken neighborhood where crime and drugs surrounded them. His mother had a drug problem and was able to overcome it to better their lives. He grew up at an early age, and was forced to deal with many hardships that came into his life.

In 1982, he met someone who was a breaker and inwardly knew that Hip Hop was going to be a part of his life. He moved from breaking to graffiti and drawing burners to the turntables then moved to battle rapping and being a part of hip hop as it organically grew in LA.

Jason had a profound curiosity for the production side of the music and 1989, met John Halterman aka Jlove. Jase quickly started paying close attention to Jlove and made it known that he wanted to learn and be near music. Over the next many years, Jase continued his friendship with Jlove and considered him his mentor. Through the years, Jase continued mentoring under JLove and began his own work and started producing tracks for many gospel artists such as K2S, Fros-T, and many more. Thru this, he performed as an artist in many churches, community outreaches and whereever he could get a chance to display his passion for music as well as speaking to people.

Over the next 23 years, Jase worked with some of the largest corporate sales and marketing uniform companies in the nation. Taking on the top rep in the nation with the company and capitalized on his ability to speak, he climbed the ladder in leadership. Jase then formed Salty Beats in 2002 which later became an LLC. Working alongside with his mentor and best friend John Halterman, he had placements with Comedy Central, other industry names and a slew of Hip-Hop artists. Recently, Salty Beats has partnered up with Ryan Tomlinson of Build Destroy Music and Skee.tv and has placements within the film Industry.

Currently, Salty Beats has 4 artists signed to his production label which includes and benefits from his marketing skills, artist Development and Management as well as those monstrous tracks that transcends past todays music.


Twitter – @Jasesaltybeats
Facebook  – Jason Richard Salter or saltybeatsmusic
Email – saltybeats1@gmail.com
Phone – 661-645-5410