Bill Thorton

Bill Thornton is a singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA. Although he was born in Pittsburgh he considers the road his home stating, “living and traveling to so many places is what makes up every part of my being.” He is incredibly versatile, writing and singing everything from rock and pop all the way to country and hip hop. Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees says, “I had the opportunity to work with Bill when he was with the band “Out of Grey.” I must say, he is one of the most talented, and versatile vocalists I’ve ever had the chance to work with in the studio. He could sing anything I asked him to. I’m a fan for life!”

Bill is currently working on his first solo attempt and will be touring in support of the album around November of this year. “It is a mixture of acoustic and electric sounds,” says Bill. Jason Salter of Salty Beats is quoted saying “It’s full of anthems! It makes you feel something. These songs make you want to cry, scream, and think.” Bill is also working with Salty Beats placing music with Build Destroy Music and developing artists with his long time guitarist Show Grey.

Bill has been in bands from Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas and California. However, he says he got his start singing in his school and church choir in Indiana. Bill remembers, “I was in church with my mom singing hymns when the lady in the pew behind us tapped my mom on the shoulder and whispered something in her ear. I didn’t hear what she had said; I just remember she was crying. I later found out that she had told my mom that, “God blessed that little one with a voice I’ve never heard before.” Since then I’ve always tried to use my voice in a way that will touch the world.”

Bill says about his music, “I believe that music really can change peoples perspective on life.” He continues by saying that “It’s so hard out there in the world, if I can provide a little break from the tough things that everyone has to deal with or bring a little more understanding and compassion to the world then my purpose has been served.”


Bill currently works with Salty Beats Media/Music Group based out of Los Angeles, CA. He is collaborating with Artist in the Urban and Hip Hop and Pop Genre, while working on his solo Album.



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